Mystery Rash?!

Personal question- have you ever had an irritating mystery rash?

I’m guessing most of you can say “yes” to this. Since the skin is our largest organ, it can really bear the brunt of our detoxification burdens.

The causes of a mystery rash vary from person to person. I want to share a personal story with you, with the hope that it can help you on your health solutions journey.

Almost 5 years ago, my bottom lip blew up with this nasty bubbly rash. (Posting a picture of it below. Sorry- it’s not the greatest photo).

My “Dr. Google” diagnosis led me to believe that it was cold sores. So, I did all the things for cold sores and had no relief. After stumbling around with this rash for about six months(!), I decided it was time to consult a medical doctor.

Well, he looked at it and said, “Yep, looks like cold sores.” He wrote a prescription, and off I went. I’m not generally a fan of pharmaceuticals, but I wanted to eat and drink without pain. And, I had begun dating my current partner, and I literally couldn’t kiss him. He was so kind to hang in there!

The sad news is the prescription didn’t work, so I went back to the dermatologist.

“Oh, it’s not cold sores, it’s dermatitis.” Of course, he offered me another prescription and I politely said, “No, thank you!”


I felt that the only thing left to do was meditate and pray. I had done everything physically and mentally to heal the rash at this point. It was time to connect with my spiritual self and ask for guidance.



Something interesting happened as I sat by my altar quietly. With the intention of healing this rash, I heard~ “HEAVY METAL!” I realized I had done everything to heal my gut, liver, and hormones, but had never thought about heavy metals.

I sought out a practitioner and embarked on an hours-long road trip to get a urine heavy metal test. After toxic heavy metals were found in my urine, I began a very intensive heavy metal cleanse that lasted 6 months total.

I knew I was on the right track because the very first day of chelation (ie. pulling heavy metals from my body) my lip rash began to disappear! I continued for 6 months because it’s important to go slow and be mindful that detoxification is moving in a productive way with this kind of cleanse.

The cleanse was a monumental step in my healing process! It resolved so many of my health challenges, and left me feeling as though the health journey that I had been on for years was complete. I came to understand that heavy metals were seriously holding me back from thriving in my life. They were controlling embedded infections, dampening my immune system, and creating that horrible rash on my lower lip. In hindsight, it all makes sense that this profound level of detox came after getting my liver, digestion, hormones, and detox pathways functioning in a good way.

I consider heavy metal chelation to be one of the most extreme and challenging detoxes that I have ever experienced. But, it was worth it! And, throughout my studies and research I have realized that a gentler approach to removing heavy metals may be more ideal for most of my clients.


You may be wondering: “What are heavy metals?”

Let me explain. They are a group of minerals with no known physiological or biological function in the human body, and they are known to be very harmful. They are naturally occurring, but since the industrial revolution we’ve become exposed to them through environmental toxicity- and unfortunately, it’s only getting worse.

The heavy metals that humans are exposed to have a wide variety of sources. Everyone has toxic metals in their tissues, including newborn babies. It’s common to absorb them in utero from our mothers. The exposure is virtually unavoidable!

One of the best ways to decrease your build-up of toxic heavy metals is proper mineral balancing. Here’s why: The body uses what it needs in minerals. When there is a deficiency of an essential mineral, the body will replace it with highly toxic heavy metals. Typically, if a mineral and a heavy metal are in the same column on the periodic table, they have similar properties and can replace each other on binding receptor sites.

Crazy, right?! Mineral deficiencies increase the build-up of toxic metals. So…




The foundation of my strategy for cleansing heavy metals is:

  • Support one’s bio-individual mineral imbalance

  • Limit exposure

  • Focusing on keeping the detox pathway open and flowing throughout the year

  • Improve Gut and Liver Function

Since the beginning of my career as a FDN-P, I’ve come to believe that heavy metals are extremely hard to avoid and that things are only going to get worse. I also feel that heavy metal chelation can be done in the wrong way. Fast and aggressive protocol could be dangerous. Please- always listen to your body and work with a practitioner that you can trust!

If you’ve been eating well, exercising, and “doing all of the right things” with little or no health improvements, then it’s possible that mineral imbalances or toxic heavy metals could be the culprit. Things like hormone imbalances, a leaky gut, and an overwhelmed immune system may benefit from a heavy metals detox.

If you want to get your hands on the right lab tests, resources, and guidance to assess your bio-individuality and personal path forward, I would be honored to support you!


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If you have a friend or family member in your life who wants to solve health problems once and for all, please share this info with them. It might be the thing to help them get back on their feet again!!

Have a joy filled July!

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