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Somatic Experiencing

Learn more about Somatic Experiencing

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Somatic Experiencing works with the innate intelligence of the autonomic nervous system to safely and effectively integrate unresolved trauma

The intention is...

… to support one’s ability to self-regulate and move past places where they might be “stuck” in processing a past traumatic event. This is done by listening to the organic intelligence within one’s system. The body will naturally present small amounts of information to be integrated within the SE session.

As an SE therapist, I’m there to listen, witness, and create a safe container so one’s system is never overwhelmed. This is done by titrating the experience and allowing the body to naturally resolve content in small amounts as it comes up. Thus, the body is provided a safe space to finally complete a response.


Personally, I’ve found this work to be so delicate- and incredibly profound.

After Somatic Experiencing Therapy it is common to feel:

A calmness in the body

A new outlook on life

A re-patterning of chronic dysfunctions

A sense of presence and being aware of one’s environment

A relief from chronic symptoms, emotions, or stress response

Somatic Experiencing helps in a way that no diet, meditation, or therapy could. Sometimes when you have done everything to heal and still find yourself “stuck”, then this is what is left; the unresolved trauma from childhood, birth, past relationships, or accidents.

Here are some thing SE can help with:

Will this work for you?

We are delicate beings, and the purpose of this work is to build resiliency. The intention is to become alive and present in the “here and now”. By bringing the “observer” of the present moment on board, you become skillfully equipped to integrate modern day stressors with grace and ease.

SE sessions are offered as a part of my bigger coaching packages (the Awakened Womb, Awakened Fertility, and the Metamorphosis).

Are you ready?

I have several ways you can work with me with varying levels of support.

SE sessions are offered as a part of my bigger coaching packages (the Awakened Womb, Awakened Fertility, and the Metamorphosis).


Currently, I’m also offering single SE sessions if this is where you want to focus.

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Learn more about
Fertility Awareness Method

Learn more about
Fertility Awareness Method

Ready to Learn the Method?

Fertility Awareness is...

… not only a valuable method and practice, but also allows you to form a deep knowledge and understanding of your body. This body literacy is your birthright and something that should be handed down to all womb carriers.
Knowing your fertile signs can be empowering whether it be for contraception, conception, or in the quest for overall body literacy and health tracking.

Ask yourself...

If you said YES to any of the above, then learning the Fertility Awareness Method is perfect for you!

In my 6 module Masterclass, you will learn the Symptothermal Method of Fertility Awareness, which tracks your basal body temperature, cervical fluid, and cervix positioning so you can confidently know when you’re fertile!

This method is OBSERVATIONAL in nature & based on YOUR UNIQUE body’s signs of fertility.  

Click the button below to see all the details to get you started embracing your Natural Rhythm and Mastering Fertility Awareness!

Let’s clear up any misconceptions concerning what this is and what it is not

I’m not teaching the Rhythm Method! The Rhythm Method is a mathematical algorithm based on a “typical” cycle length. This is how most apps create predictions and this can be very confusing when wanting to understand your unique rhythm.

I practice and teach the Sympto-Thermal Method of Fertility Awareness which tracks your basal body temperature, cervical fluid, and cervix positioning. This method is OBSERVATIONAL in nature, i.e. based on observation of the body’s signs or symptoms of fertility.

After trying a few different contraceptive methods, I found this method to be the most effective, empowering, and helpful for me. It is important to understand that the efficacy of using any fertility awareness method (FAM) as a contraceptive is reliant on the user. Receiving clear instructions and following those instructions correctly is crucial to your success.

Fertility Awareness is not for everyone!

I want to be very transparent that user error does make this method risky, but no contraceptive method is perfect. The greatest positive benefit to this method is that there are absolutely ZERO side effects. This is a daily practice and something that requires some commitment.

I feel confident that when used correctly and consciously, the Sympto-Thermal Method makes conception highly unlikely- unless, of course, you are using it with the goal of conceiving. I have been using this method since 2017 with complete success!

Many of us grew up thinking that we could get pregnant on any day of our cycle. Well, that just is not true! There are actually only a small handful of days during which conception is possible. Using a Fertility Awareness Method, we can pinpoint those days very clearly. This practice can then bring awareness to those that want to conceive consciously.

Knowing your basal body temperature is also an amazing tool to tell you, without a doubt, that you are pregnant.

If your temps stay elevated past ovulation for more than 18 days, then you’re almost certainly pregnant. After giving birth, FAM can also be used to know when fertility is returning while breastfeeding. While this can be tricky, familiarizing yourself with the technique before that time comes brings confidence with this contraceptive choice. With or without an additional barrier method, your understanding of FAM can prevent another pregnancy, without having to worry about exposing your baby to synthetic hormones via breast milk.

Fertility Awareness can also
be used as an overall health marker.

Your fertility is considered your fifth vital sign along with the other four standard vital signs (temperature, blood pressure, pulse, and respiratory rate). In today’s day and age, fertility is all too often compromised by stressors within one’s lifestyle, diet, and environmental influences.

The truth is the cycle never lies and will always tell you when there is an imbalance within your life. In addition, FA highlights common impediments such as short luteal phases, insufficient fertile cervical mucus, anovulatory cycles, hormone imbalances, clues into thyroid & adrenal health, and detect early miscarriages.

Integrate your life with your rhythm

By charting your fertile signs, you can tune in and fully integrate your life with your own personal rhythm! As you connect and listen to your pulse within each cycle, you then become aware of how to best nurture and care for yourself through the hormonal hills and valleys of the sacred menstrual journey. This body literacy and knowing is precious and something that no one will ever be able to take from you.

Most people find that acquiring Fertility Awareness is a revelation, and are amazed (and often angry) that no one had given them this basic information before.

Regardless of whether you choose to use an FABM to prevent or achieve pregnancy, it is your birthright to know how your body works. And maybe someday you will be teaching this to your daughter, cousin, or someone who is younger and desires this basic insight of one’s body.

I feel a sense of passion and excitement to be able to offer you my assistance on this journey!!

Currently, I’m also offering single Fertility Awareness Sessions if this is where you want to focus.


See the fertility coaching package

Have Questions about learning the Fertility Awareness Method?

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Balance Within Spring Cleanse

See you next Spring!

2024 Optional Add On's Include:
- Parasite Cleanse
- Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis
- Guided Liver Flush in the FB group

HOPE YOU CAN JOIN US!!  The more, the merrier!!



Every Springtime I like to connect and mirror the transitions we see in nature. Being an incredibly sensitive person I tend to accumulate baggage over the winter that no longer serves. Cleansing my body, mind, and spirit routinely in the spring and fall season has been a primary rhythmic focus of my self-care.

Don’t be the unpruned fruit tree 🙂 This ritual of cleansing stretches our ability to grow and bear the fruits of the new year to come.

Join us in a WHOLE FOODS CLEANSE that will eliminate the foods that may be causing harm for your health and happiness. From a clean diet you can then start adding back your favorite foods and test whether or not they are serving you.

Your body is the GUIDE AND THE MASTER of this journey. Everything can be personalized!

“Don’t put this off like I did for years, it’s a game changer”
“This is an awesome cleanse”

Balance Within Spring Cleanse is still just $33!

“Thanks for your work and tenderness, Luna! Your approach to healing is so nourishing and has helped me turn many corners.”

I have been holding Group Cleansing Rituals since 2015!

“I did this cleanse last year and I’m still feeling the benefits from it today.” 

What's included in this $33 Spring Cleanse?

20-minute private PRE Cleanse Consult with ME

( only for new folks 🙂 )

Access to a private Balance Within FACEBOOK page

Where I share my newest detox tips and invite special guests to come and share their magic with us! I’M EXCITED TO SEE WHO WILL BE SHARING THIS YEAR!

Daily Email

Throughout the 4 prep days, 1 week of cleansing, and 1 week of transitioning out of the cleanse- 18 days total! I am here to help you shine 🙂

Spring Cleanse

This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about detoxing physically, mentally, and emotionally.

FANTASTIC Recipe Guide

(for the kitchen nerds)

This guide is packed with over 50+ mouthwatering recipes that will leave your belly full and your taste buds satisfied!!

“This cleanse is filled with AMAZING recipes! I tried most of them and they were all great and I’m picky. I’m a pretty good cook around the kitchen myself but now I’m finding I want to delve into gourmet plant-based recipes.”


This guide takes the guesswork out of what to eat by mapping out a full 14 days worth of meals for you.

Day to Day
at a Glance Guide

This day-by-day overview of your program makes it easy to know what you’re doing each day with just a glance!!

Shopping List

This list will make your shopping trips super simple, which means smooth and stress free trips to the market.

Food Diary and
Transition Guide

This amazing tool will help you monitor how you’re feeling physically, metally, and emotionally during the program. This is where your body becomes the master and the mind begins to listen.

A guide on how to avoid
toxins in your everyday life

New Offerings In This Years
Spring Cleanse:

I'm offering a guided Parasite Cleanse with my favorite products as an "Add On"
(I highly recommend doing seasonal parasite cleanses. It is highly likely that you have one.)

“I always felt comfortable being open and honest with Luna about my own background and minor trauma I had experienced relating with my body. She is humble in her presentation of information and when answering questions, and is really a wonderful person to learn from. Luna’s course was very comprehensive in its theory about the Sympto- Thermal Method and then brought it to a real life level as we learned how to read body charts through examples to reinforce what we learned. I know my journey of being in a deeper relationship with my pelvic family is still developing and I couldn’t be more grateful that I took this step to learn with Luna as my teacher.”

I was ready for some answers! and I was tired of getting generic recommendations for how to best support my body from the inside out. And wow, I got a lot of information.

At first it was overwhelming but Luna was an amazing guide in this process. She spoke about complex topics in an easy way for me to understand. I felt like she was a partner in my health journey, rather than telling me what to do, or being prescriptive.

She held beauty space for my emotional process. Getting lab results about the inner workings of our bodies can be scary and sometimes even frightening stuff, and Luna was a strong grounding presence through it all- the grieving, the success, the realizations, the ah-ha’s.

I finally felt like I had uncovered this missing piece of my health history. I was so relieved to finally have some more answers. For anyone who is intuitively feeling drawn to uncovering the next layer of wellness or for those that are experiencing symptoms and not getting support from other medical professionals- please get support from Luna. Her expertise in reading complex lab work and creating a lifestyle regime and supplement recommendations is phenomenal! It is a lot of work, and it is so worth it. So if you are considering working with Luna- please do it. Your future self will thank you 10 fold for this.

Through lab tests, surveys, and heartfelt inquiry, we were able to figure out what was holding me back from a full recovery. From realizing that my thyroid was not functioning properly and that I was dealing with heavy metals in my systems, Luna not only broke down how this was all affecting my body systems, but she also came with a solid plan on how we can work to mitigate and manage these issues.

Luna made herself readily available, had immense patience with working around my schedule and dealing memory issues, and clearly has a lot of heart, knowledge and passion around this work. I’m so grateful that I had the experience to work with her.

For the first time in a long time, I finally feel like myself again. My friends and family have all commented on what a difference this journey has made in terms of my health. If you’re on the fence about whether to reach out, just do it, you won’t regret it. Luna will support you through each step of your healing journey, no matter how big or small.”