I am

Luna Hart

This is my story and what brought me here connecting with you today…

About Me

I understand the feelings of being lost, unheard, and isolated when facing a health challenge.

The constant worry about the unknown and the relentless search for assistance, whether through healthcare professionals or stressful online searches, can be overwhelming.

There’s a profound longing for someone who truly comprehends your experiences – someone with an empathetic heart who can offer guidance toward finding a solution.

I was going into my 6th year without a period.
I was only 27 years old.

I’d been to see the best of the best “hormone specialists” out there. Most of them said any combination of the things you never want to hear from someone you’re paying to help you:

“It’s a mystery!”

“Let’s just wait and see a bit more. Maybe it will just come back”

“Everything is normal. There’s not much else we can do”

And then they’d offer me hormonal birth control or hormone replacement therapy and look at me blankly. Like that was supposed to be it. That was my answer.

I’d been to see the best of the best “hormone specialists” out there. Most of them said any combination of the things you never want to hear from someone you’re paying to help you:

“It’s a mystery!”

“Let’s just wait and see a bit more. Maybe it will just come back”

“Everything is normal. There’s not much else we can do”

And then they’d offer me hormonal birth control or hormone replacement therapy and look at me blankly. Like that was supposed to be it. That was my answer.

No period. Years of discomfort.

But, “nothing is wrong

I’d get back from every single one of those experiences with those so-called experts, and I’d furiously search Google for ways to prove them wrong.

I refused to accept that 6 years without a period is just “normal”. A lot of my story is laced with a refusal to accept something I was repeatedly told. Maybe you can relate?

But, it’s important to know where my story started, to understand where my story brings me to now (and why this is important to you).

My health battle
started very young

Much younger than my period years. Much younger than understanding the body of me as a woman. Growing up, I suffered a lot inside my own body. I had chronic strep throat, depression, acne, stomach aches. And so much more.

My beloved stepfather was a pharmacist, and when my chronic strep continued every year and sometimes up to four times a year, he brought me home a never ending bottle of antibiotics.

Throughout my younger years I would take these “magical pills” whenever and however I wanted. They were like vitamins for me. Unfortunately, awareness about the negative impacts of antibiotics was not common knowledge at this time. In his heart he thought he was doing what was best for me.

By the time I got to college and it was up to me to buy my own medicines, it was really only then when I questioned what I was doing. I realized I was dependent on these pills to keep me feeling good, strong, healthy.

This was where the journey really started.

I knew I needed to break the cycle, heal my immune and digestive health and find a wholly, full and vibrant way to live. I knew my greatest self was hiding underneath all of this chronic discomfort and antibiotic addiction.

Throughout my 20s, I experienced a long list of horrific “symptoms”, each one leaving me less and less at home in my own body. Each one calling me away from connection to myself. Each one leaving me more and more confused. And, often it felt never ending.

There was a time when I very seriously believed that I had arrived at the end of my life. In a very non-dramatic, logical way, I truly wondered if I was cut out for this world. If perhaps my immune system just wasn’t made to be here.

Doctors told me time and time again there was nothing they could do.

I remember how my head would pound and my cheeks would flush when I ate the simplest of foods. At one point, I didn’t poop solid for a whole year.

Words like “chronic”, “mysterious”, “infection” and “symptoms” became part of a daily vocabulary list for me and would just roll around in my head on a seemingly endless conveyor belt of clueless doctors and the quick-fix addicted world of western medicine.

“Once you start approaching your body with curiosity
rather than with fear, everything shifts.”

Bessel Van der Kolk

The fact was, my overconsumption of antibiotics had literally destroyed my gut.

My body was overwhelmed

And, my microbiome was overrun with candida, an array of parasites, and what I later found out was a dangerous, mutated bacteria (which at this point was hyper-resistant to any other antibiotics).

It was a recipe for, quite literally, disaster.

When I look back through the lens of someone with the expertise I now have, I often think, “no wonder I didn’t have a period!”

One of my biggest breakthroughs came through my training and work in Somatic Experiencing.

With this therapy, I learned how to work with the organic intelligence in my nervous system to heal the trauma in my body and expand my ability to become present within every moment.

I was able to heal myself

I was able to allow my reactive body to settle, find peace, and begin to receive nourishment from food again.

I connected the dots between my physiological self and my emotional self. And I realized the healing I needed to do was so much more than my physical body.

My heart, soul, mind and spirit needed to heal, too.
Through Somatic Experiencing, I finally had the tools to do that.

Not only did I find peace, but I found vibrance. Vitality.
A feeling of aliveness

I suddenly felt very “here”

I was inside
my own body.

Like I’d landed back home and began remembering everything about who I really was, under the diagnosis and misdiagnosis and pills and potions and endless Google searches.

There I was. There was my body’s natural intelligence. And, she’d simply been trying to keep me safe all this time.

It felt like waking up.

From here I started to have a deep knowingness that I could trust myself.
That I could find my own answers.

My healing journey didn’t end there (it never, really ends anyway).

But, my biggest breakthrough brings me back to where we started.

Around the time I turned 28, after working through my various issues with inflammation, an over-exhausted liver and digestive system collapse, I called my own cycle back through an intentional, self held ceremony and prayer.

I literally began bleeding
the very next day!

This was one of the most empowering moments of my life. And perhaps the biggest discovery that has propelled me into the work that I do now.

The healing was within all along. I needed to trust myself and claim my health.

7 years without a period and without answers

Now my cycle flows every month, as it should. The true marker of health and wellness for a woman. I had searched and searched for answers outside of myself, but much of my healing happened by reconnecting to my body’s natural intelligence. To what she always knew.

There were other twists to my story before we arrive to where I am now. A battle with severe mold toxicity, heavy metal and copper toxicity from my IUD almost sent me over the edge. My body had become so sensitive that environmental toxins were, quite literally, immediately dangerous.

But, each and every time I’ve found my way back to me. To now. To feeling full and whole and vibrant and radiant and healthy and alive in my own body. A knowingness of myself that nobody can take away. An ability to heal myself and help others heal.

For most of my life,
I felt afraid.

To exercise.

To be seen.

To be loved.

Afraid to eat.

Afraid to exist.

Afraid to be me.

On the outside, I was quiet,
determined, and conscious.

On the inside, I was sad, disconnected, and afraid.

The emotional turmoil fed the physiological and the physiological fed the emotional.

Until it became a never-ending cyclone that got completely out of hand.

And, I’ve dedicated my life’s work to making sure no woman ever has to feel so unseen, so unheard, and so unwelcome inside her own body. Ever again.

In all of my years of practicing, I’ve met and worked with women from all walks of life, with any number of ailments and pain and discomfort, and for each and every one of them, we’ve carved their own unique path back home to themselves. Found their answers.

If there’s anything this story can offer you, let it be the evidence that you can live a fully, wholly, vibrant life as the greatest expression of who you really are. That the answers to your discomfort, pain, chronic symptoms, stress are all within you and you can heal.

You do not have to suffer.

Where I am now...

My personal journey, extensive study, research and reconnection to my fullest, greatest version led me to where I am today.

Now, I have a unique set of skills, real, lived experience, and have studied and learned from the best to help you on your own journey to your greatest expression and healthiest self.

You don’t have to wait as long as I did.
And, you don’t ever have to do it alone.

I'm here to walk alongside you every step of the way

My accreditations

I regularly invest into my own training and professional development and want you to know that with me, you are in safe hands.

These are my current accredited trainings:

The most important thing is:

You are welcome here.

You will be listened to.

I will pay attention to your symptoms.

And, I will never tell you everything is fine and send you on your way. My job is as much an investigation and exploration as it is a healing process.

Together, we will find the answers.