Never Doubt the Healing Potential Within

I want to share a very powerful personal story with you in hopes that it inspires you,,,, it reminds you!

I want to share a very powerful personal story with you in hopes that it inspires you,,,, it reminds you!  This story starts with losing my menstrual cycle for seven years at such a prime fertile age of 21-28.  

The menstrual cycle is a true gauge of health and wellness.  At this time I had incredible inflammation, accumulated toxins, and all sorts of imbalances in my digestive system.  I didn’t feel right and no one had a solution for me.  

No matter what specialist doctor I went to, no one wanted to get to the ROOT cause, instead I was only offered birth control and hormone replacement.  “Everything looked normal,” according to Western medicine standards.  

 I didn’t want a band-aid solution!

My cycle finally returned in a transformational way.  I moved to a new home on 150 acres in beautiful Northern California.  I started to move slowly and began to connect with the cycles of the seasons on this land. I became a gardener.  Growing my own food and tending the soil became my daily meditation.  Planting, nourishing, pruning, and composting were my rituals of life.  

Then one day I create a sacred ceremony to bring back my blood.  I followed my intuition.  I spent that night praying, singing, journaling, and knowing I was my ultimate healer.  I called my cycle back with prayer.  I began to bleed the very next day after this self-held ceremony.  Many years led to this one potent moment of healing.  Years of cleansing, clearing, and rebuilding my body.  I’m happy to say my cycles have been flowing beautifully ever since.  

Please never doubt the healing potential within!! 

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