Significances of Mineral Balance

 When it comes to our health, we often focus on vitamins, macronutrients, and exercise, but let’s not overlook a crucial factor: mineral balance. To be honest, I was a skeptic at first, dismissing the hype. But then, my personal experience with improving my depleted mineral status after a 6-month chelation therapy journey back in 2015 […]

Understanding PCOS~ Beyond the Diagnosis

September is PCOS Awareness Month, a dedicated time to shine a spotlight on Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, a condition affecting countless women globally. Beyond the conventional diagnosis, PCOS is a multifaceted condition that demands a comprehensive understanding. As a functional health practitioner and fertility awareness educator, I aim to unravel the mysteries surrounding PCOS, delving into […]


You have the power to heal, but first, you need to understand what’s really going on.   Witnessing the moment when my clients unravel the mysteries that have plagued them brings me immense joy. The relief in their eyes, the audible sighs of understanding – it’s pure magic to see them finally start to feel […]

Long Lost Libido ~ Rediscovering Your Inner Lust

Oh, where did it go? Has it been lost for so long that you forgot it even exists? I finally acknowledged my complete disconnection from my body and libido in my mid-30s. The initial disappearance of this lifeforce started to fade in my 20s, the prime age for sexual freedom and self-exploration. But I was […]

Don’t Let Your Exercise Kill Your Hormones

Many of us have experienced that breaking point when life’s demands, family obligations, and emotional baggage lead to a moment of overexertion. We find ourselves not eating regularly and pushing our bodies too hard through exercise.  Unfortunately, this breaking point can have a significant impact on our hormonal balance. If you’re reading this and haven’t […]

Finding Hormonal Balance After Birth Control

Throughout my life, I’ve had negative experiences with various forms of birth control. From feeling unwell on birth control pills during high school to experiencing extreme psychological side effects with the copper IUD in my early thirties, it became clear that these methods were not serving me.   After removing the IUD and undergoing a […]


Sometimes I feel like a broken record, but the tune that I’m singing is a helpful reminder!   I’m here to remind you that it’s… “Time to Cleanse”. My journey to achieving optimal gut and hormone health wasn’t easy. That’s why I’m inspired to share with you the tools and methodology that brought me back […]


I have had multiple clients that have suffered for years before getting relief via proper testing, diagnosis, and treatment of their thyroid condition.  It’s hard to believe, but I see this in my practice regularly. Our medical system only evaluates the TSH marker when assessing thyroid health, and I’m here to tell you- they are […]

Welcome 2023!!!

Welcome 2023! I can’t help but reflect on all the changes that have occurred in the last couple of years.  It seems that many people have shifted their perception about the importance of health.  I feel grateful for the evolution of holistic health care and pray that it becomes acccessible to more people in the […]

Clear the Mind

We are coming to the end of yet another powerful year to be alive! It’s almost impossible to not take a moment to review what happened in our lives this year and make a plan for the year to come! For me, I had one of the most transformative years of my life. My move […]