What I learned from looking into the eyes of a grey whale?

The unfolding journey began as I packed my bags for Baja in February of this year.  This is the first time I’m able to put this profoundly spiritual experience onto paper and share it with you.  I feel what I experienced and learned in the beginning of this year set a tone for all that has been unraveling for humanity in 2020.  Please read on.  The message of the grey whales might be an antidote for you in this perfect moment.

As we traveled in a bus filled with a veterinarian, a couple of marine biologists, and an animal preservation specialist I continued to ask one thing, “Do the whales really want us visiting their lagoons?”  This is the place they come every year to birth and mate.  “Really? Are you sure?,” I would say.  They had all done this before and all offered a resounding, Yes!

I went with no expectation and what I experienced utterly transformed me in a way that I could hardly put into words until now.  Let’s first start with the history.   Grey whales were considered aggressive and fierce by fisherman.  They called them the “devil fish”.  When they were harpooned they would turn on the whale boats and smash them to bits.  The first lagoon we visited was called the Laguna Ojo de Liebre, named after the blood stained waters resembling a red “eye of a hare” during the hunting seasons.  These whales were attacking boats to protect their young and their future as they were approaching extinction.

In 1947, commercial whaling was finally banned and the species began to bounce back.  Fishermen still feared these animals and bang their boats with wooden logs to try to scare them away.  This all changed one magical day in 1972, when Don Pachico (a fellow fisherman) decided to bridge the gap.  Pachico was so scared as a huge whale surfaced next to his boat.  He noticed that it was peaceful and as his leg trembled he reached out.  He held his hand on the whale for many minutes and then began to pet the creature until his fears disappeared.  It was that day that humans and whales began a road to peace.  Pachino realized that the whales wanted to forgive us for all the killing.  They now wanted to be our friend!

My incredibly dreamy and enchanting grey whale connection is one I will never forget. Like Pachino I developed a deep honor, respect, and gratitude for the kindness of these great mammals. We headed out into the Laguna Ojo de Liebre, in a small pontoon boat with a driver who has been doing this for 30 years with about 10 passengers.  The whales were literally everywhere.  360 degrees and in each direction, sightings of giant grey whales spy hopping, breaching, cruising along and surfacing for air .  We got out to the middle of the lagoon and the driver turned off the energine.  We squealed and cheered as each one would surface in the distance.  I experienced a deep sense of peace and joy in my body at this moment.  I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing.  During that stillness, bubbles started to arise around our boat and for the next 2 hours we had 1-5 grey whales taking turns to approach the boat to get touched, splashed, and cheered at.  They loved the attention and they wanted to be scratched!!!!! A few were rubbing their barnacles on the bottom of the boat.  It was incredible and it’s true, they forgave us.  Through all the massacre and death, we were now friends!!KKWhaleGuerreroNegro11Anaikakiss.JPG

To this day, grey whale friendliness continues to grow.  They also only allow humans out in the lagoons between regulated times in the morning and the rest of the day they are alone to mate and have their babies.  I feel they are being protected and respected in their human interaction.  Our bus tour asked that we didn’t have any plastic and provide purified water to fill our jugs at every stop.

I share this now with you because 2020 has been a wild ride for so many people.  I have also found myself quite and slightly frozen at times due to the immensity of change we are living in.  We seem to be in a world that feels so divided and filled with fear and hate.  Do you feel like we can heal and bridge the gap as these great grey whales once did?  Can humanity heal from the past trauma and learn to co-exist?  Can we make friends with our enemies?

I believe it’s possible, but change is not always easy.  Covid- 19 has drastically shifted our reality so fast, many of us are still trying to find “the good/safe way to be”.  We know we need a certain level of engagement and connection, yet we are all needing to reassess our actions to support the greater health.  I feel like I’m witnessing some people taking their health to the next level during these times and those that feel burdened, numbed, and don’t know where to turn.  On top of that, many of us have entered our “fire season” which creates a sense of fear and a need to flee at any time.  Others are facing hurricanes.  It seems like a lot all at once.  As we bring racial injustice into the light, heal from a pandemic, rebuild our economy, and face some staggering natural disasters I want to offer you some supportive tools.  These tools are known to help your nervous system move out of fight or flight into rest and digest.

  • Deep Diaphragmatic Breathing:  this stimulates the vagus nerve, improves heart rate variability, stimulates the parasympathetic and reduces fight and flight.

  • Improve Gut Health:  research shows connection of the gut microbiota to the health of the nervous system.

  • Tonic Levels of Social Engagement:  This is challenging during our pandemic, but there are ways to still engage online, outdoors, or within a container where everyone is taking the appropriate precautions.  Find activities that feel safe to your standards and still allow you to still connect with others.

  • Narrative Expressive Journaling: This is a great tool for self-processing and expression.  It will help move stuck energy and open creative outlets.

  • Volunteering, Altruistic Generativity, Paying It Forward:  This helps you get out of your own “spiral” of thoughts and refocuses you on helping others.  People usually experience an uplifting sense of gratitude.

  • Loving Kindness Meditation:  This is practice of offering tender and benevolent affection to yourself and humanity.  The effects are very similar to the bullet point above.

  • Humming, Singing,Toning, and Gargling:  This stimulates the vagus nerve in the back of your neck and instantly supports the parasympathetic nervous system.

I hope you find these tools helpful!! I would love to hear if you do.  Please reach out and email me if you would like to share or have any questions.  hartofhealth@gmail.com

I help sensitive individuals that feel isolated and alone in their health challenges to finally get the support

and knowledge they need, so they can thrive and find resiliency

in this modern day.

If you’re needing support, please know that I’m just an email or phone call away.  I offer a 45 minute complimentary “strategy session” at this time and you’re welcome to sign up for one!!  In this session we can honestly assess whether I can offer you the support and knowledge you deserve.  I want what is truly best for you!

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