Time to Envision the Future!

Can you believe it??  Here we are in the last month of 2021 and it’s time to set out our intentions for the upcoming year of manifestation.  What are the areas you want to amplify and let shine in 2022? What needs your attention in 2022? Let’s make this your reality in the new year to come.


Whatever your New Year’s goals are, please know that they are possible.  Sometimes you just need to clearly write it down, create a vision board or other expressive art, and anchor that vision on your altar.


May it be so!! May your wildest dreams become your reality!!


And, for this Hart of Health newsletter- I want you all to know, “Food Doesn’t Need to Hurt!”

Really!?  If you told me this 20 years ago, I would have been startled by the possibilities.  As someone who struggled with bloating and digestive pain from a very young age, this discomfort seemed to be a part of normal life.

I remember soothing myself as a child with a giant mountain of pillows.  I would arch my belly over them to rub and release the pain.  Even at a really young age I was seeking resolution.

The thing with digestive imbalances is that the inflammation literally ripples out to all areas of your body.  Everything is affected when your gut is unhappy, everything!!!  Some of these areas are:

  • Mental/Emotional Well Being

  • Energy levels

  • Immune system strength

  • Skin health (acne, blemishes, rashes etc)

  • Hormone balance

  • Thyroid health

  • Systemic Inflammation

I have seen this ripple effect in my own health journey, as well as in my clients.  Sometimes symptoms are very removed from the possible root cause in the gut.  Assessing digestive health with a comprehensive stool analysis is at the core of my practice.

Like I said, my gut healing story started young! To hear more about this journey go here: http://hartofhealth.com/about-me.  By the time I was 19 years old and on my “healing path” I considered my gut health to be at ground zero.  I was not well and my friends and family knew it.  I literally was swimming in an array of symptoms with no clear direction to heal.

I felt isolated and alone! I was unable to go out and fully experience the joys of life.  This is why my gut health became my #1 priority.


So, What did I do?

I started to slowly make changes and found patience along the way.  It took many years to enter this state of dysfunction, so it made sense that it would take time to heal.  I was determined to not be stuck with the bloating, mental fog, and endless skin breakouts and rashes.

It took time to heal my gut from ground zero.  I needed to restore the immune system of my gut after my extensive years of antibiotic use as a child.  But I’m here to tell you with utter confidence, it’s possible!!


Food doesn’t hurt me anymore!

By healing my gut, I’m able to fully digest a wide variety of foods that I once could not touch.  I restored my energy, glowing skin, clarity of mind, and a sense that I can thrive in this modern day.  My excitement for life returned and I became an active participant in each day.

This also became a huge turning point in my career.  Even though I have been a Holistic Health Coach since 2008, I couldn’t fully offer my services to others until I did the work (on all levels).  Now my mission is to assist you in finding relief more easily than I did.

With great excitement, I’m opening the doors for MY NEW EMPOWER YOUR GUT GROUP PROGRAM!

My goal is to help as many people as possible. That is why I’m offering this group program at an investment that is more accessible. It’s like working one-on-one with me but for a more affordable cost!

There are only 8 spots available and I won’t be running this program again for another year, so please don’t wait.  The greatest thing about this group program is it is still personalized to meet your specific gut health needs, plus get support with a like minded community.  I’m also offering some amazing bonuses: click the link above to read more. Doors are open and will close on January 26th, 2022! 

You will learn how to rebalance your body when you know “something is off” by using self care tools that work for you. These tools can support you for years to come!

You are WORTHY of boundless health and happiness! Healing your gut will EMPOWER all areas of your life: work, relationships, and play. This is a healing journey worth taking!

Please know that I’m available to connect. One of my complimentary offerings is my  Strategy Session. This phone consultation provides a moment for us to connect and honestly assess whether we are a good fit to work together.  I want what is truly best for you!


Please know that you don’t need to navigate your health challenges alone.

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