Empowering Your Choices

Some may ask, “How did we get here?”  “Here” is the year 2022, when we question if current and future generations will have easy and guilt-free access to safe abortions.

I stand firmly and unwaveringly for the right of everyone to have choice in their healthcare.  Whether that be a vaccine or the release of a pregnancy, these are OUR bodies- not part of a political or religious agenda.

Though it’s vulnerable, I will share some of my personal story in the coming months and my  passion for Fertility Awareness and what it can do to empower our community beyond the bans that threaten these choices.

If this is not for you, maybe it’s for a sibling, friend, cousin, or your child.  If so, please share this information.

The fact is, we are not taught to connect and deeply understand the powerful rhythm within our bodies. A rhythm that can clearly guide us to a deep knowing of ourselves and our health, energy levels, and fertility.

Instead, we are brought up to fear menstruation, stop ovulation, hide it, and make it disappear.  Many of my clients, after decades on the birth control pill or shot, start to question how their bodies have been affected.

They ask me, Why am I so symptomatic?  Why have I lost my cycle? Why do I have hair loss, weight gain, acne, depression, and extreme fatigue?

And now, with this current threat to reproductive rights, people feel that they have no choice but to stay on the birth control that is causing them harm.  I’m here to tell you, you do have a choice!

This is not to deem any one form of birth control as “bad” or another as “good”.  If you’re thriving on your form of contraception then please continue to trust body, intuition, and experience.  Your body will tell you if there is something wrong.  Everyone is different and the choice is yours!!

Here is my podcast interview with Dr. Aumatma “a fertility specialist”. Want to know and understand how to use a Fertility Awareness Method to pinpoint your fertile window? Why cervical fluid is the most important biomarker for this method? What is basal body temperature telling you and how to fit this habit into your life with ease? How to check cervix position to gain additional insights? Why talking with a trained Fertility Awareness Educator can be supportive and more…



I believe that Fertility Awareness and Body Literacy is your birthright and something that should be handed down to all womb carriers (in high school).  Knowing your fertile signs can be empowering whether it be for contraception, conception, or in the quest to become body literate for overall cycle health.

Let’s clear up any misconceptions concerning what this is and what it is not.  This is not the Rhythm Method!  The Rhythm Method is a mathematical algorithm based on a “typical” cycle length.  This is how most apps create predictions and this can be very confusing when wanting to understand your unique rhythm.

I practice and teach the Sympto-Thermal Method of Fertility Awareness which tracks your basal body temperature, cervical fluid, and cervix positioning.  This method is OBSERVATIONAL in nature, i.e. based on observation of the body’s signs or symptoms of fertility.

Many of us grew up thinking that we could get pregnant on any day of our cycle. Well, that just is not true! There are actually only a small handful of days during which conception is possible. Using a Fertility Awareness Method, we can pinpoint those days very clearly.

At the end of the day, most of us who learn this awareness and become body literate will ponder endlessly why this crucial information didn’t get passed down, taught in school, or shared by medical providers.

 The answer is simple: MONEY.

We live in a capitalist society with a profit-driven health care system, and there is very little money to be made from Fertility Awareness Based Methods (FABM).  Once you learn the method, you gain a sense of freedom and knowledge that no one can take from you (unlike a birth control pill that you become dependent on and need to take everyday).

Can you imagine your doctor taking the time to teach us about our fertility, instead of writing a quick prescription?  Probably not!

Most people find that acquiring Fertility Awareness is a revelation, and are amazed (and often angry) that no one had given them this basic information before. Regardless of whether you choose to use an FABM to prevent or achieve pregnancy, it is your birthright to know how your body works.

I feel a sense of passion and excitement to be able to offer you my assistance on this journey.

I invite you to empower your moon cycle and harness this wisdom from within.  Embody and integrate the vital messages that your body sends you; those are the deep words that only you can hear.

The work I do within my 6-month Period Repair Program integrates knowledge of fertility awareness, functional lab testing, and womb healing practices.  You’ll learn to realign and reconnect with your rhythm inside.

Don’t wait! It’s time to listen and learn about your cycle health!  Hormonal imbalances can cause a multitude of problems, and are in fact very common these days.  If your intuition tells you there is an imbalance, please take the time to listen to what your cycle health needs. Hormone health can bring a sense of balance to all aspects of life and is worth investigation and attention.

If you’re ready to reclaim your fertility and find an empowering path to healing the root causes of your cycle issue, book a complimentary Strategy Session with me today.

PS.  If you’re interested in just learning the Symptothermal Method of Fertility Awareness from a Certified Educator, my next class series will be in August.  Reply to this email with your interest and I will make sure you’re on the waiting list.

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