Mold Toxicity

This is the perfect time to talk about a topic that I don’t speak about enough. As we are starting to move our lives inside and close the windows, it is time to evaluate the air quality in our homes.

The unfortunate truth is that research shows that the air inside your house can be up to 100 times more toxic than the air outside!


Among the biggest culprits of indoor toxicity are mold and mildew.

When working to get to the root cause of mysterious symptoms, mold toxicity is something I absolutely investigate for my clients.

I remember a very dark time when I felt hopeless with a mysterious MRSA-like infection (with over 30 lesions at one point). Every conventional doctor, holistic doctor, and even an infectious disease specialist told me “there was nothing they could do for me”….!?

They had no understanding or means to investigate deeper when it came to my depleted immune system and the destructive bacteria that rendered me unable to do anything in my life but care for myself.

I look back and only wish someone would have assessed the hidden stressors that were dampening my immune system by investigating deeper into my mold infested home and other environmental toxins.

Unfortunately, this was something I had to figure out for myself!

At this time I was living in a sweet little cabin on land that didn’t see the light of the sun and was left empty for many years prior. Let’s just say that even my leather shoes and purse grew mold. No joke! It was bad!!!

This is when I ended up getting really sick. To this day, no one can really tell me exactly what happened, but I honestly feel that my life was at stake. I strongly believe that if I hadn’t been extremely proactive with my health, things might have turned out very badly.

Mold that infests your home or workplace is a huge factor for those who are sensitive and/or battling other infections.

This hidden stressor can’t go overlooked, and investigating it is exactly what I do with my clients in my coaching packages. It’s a true honor to provide my clients with the holistic care that I wish I had. The fact is, the root cause of your gut and cycle issue could be an environmental toxin!


Mold Toxicity symptoms really vary from person to person, but here are some of the common ones I see in my practice:

  • Fatigue

  • Chronic Illness and getting sick often

  • Brain Fog, memory issues, confusion, and disorientation

  • Musculoskeletal pain, tremors, muscle cramps, aches, “ice pick” pain, numbness and tingling

  • Headaches or Migraines

  • Sinus problems or asthma

  • Night sweats

If you have been following me on Instagram, you know that I recently made a huge move to a damper climate. A key part of this move was a determination to find a healthy home for my sensitive soul.

I have been blessed to live in two naturally built straw bale houses for a total of 6 years and felt the luxury of living in a non toxic home environment.

I knew nothing was going to be perfect, but wanted to find something that would allow my health to thrive.

Here are some steps that I took to access, clean, and clear my new home space and create something that feels crystal clear for me! I will be going into more detail on these steps on Instagram, so follow me there in the coming week.

  • #1- Test, don’t guess– I used Immunolytics and was actually quite impressed. I have been recommending their tests to my clients for a few years now and finally got to use them myself. Their tests helped me immediately detect some mold in my HVAC system.

  • #2- Assess the Lungs of Your Home– Ducts, vents, HVAC systems, mini splits etc. These all need to be inspected, cleaned, or even replaced if they are faulty.

  • #3 Invest in HEPA air purifiers– I’m in love with my Air Doctors!! People come into my home and ask how it smells so “clean and clear”. These are wise machines!! I’m so impressed. When they are on automatic and I’m cooking they will turn on high to clean the air. The light goes from blue to red when there is some contamination in the air.

  • #4- Crawl Spaces– if your home has a crawl space that is flooding, damp, or molded then this will be affecting the air quality and longevity of your home. I’m getting my crawl space encapsulated and it feels like a solid investment in my health.

  • #5 Cleaning and Disinfecting– I bought myself a gallon of natural disinfectant. (This is what I bought- CLICK HERE) If you test your home with Immunolytics, you may discover that candida is growing in your home. This is most likely coming from humans, but if you have a weak immune system you will likely be affected by that along with the other pathogenic fungi that may be growing. Wiping everything down (surfaces, blinds, windows, cupboards, etc.) can notch down this fungal growth.

  • #6 Final Step is Fogging and Retesting– Fogging helps clean and clear the living space. It can be extremely helpful for sensitive people. This is a great option if getting to a deeper level of remediation is not accessible at this time. I have this fogger (CLICK HERE) and actually haven’t used it yet, because my home feels so good. I plan to use it as soon as my crawlspace is complete and when winter sets in.

With all these steps, it’s important to be honest with yourself if you are getting to the source of contamination. Like your health, you don’t want to just put a bandaid over it.

If you are a highly sensitive person and your current home can’t be remediated to the point that you can live your healthiest life, then relocation is essential. You can’t heal or detox from mold until you’re out of the source of exposure.

Mold toxicity creates horrific symptoms and it only gets worse! I’m taking the steps above because I don’t want to ever be as sick as I was when I was suffering from mold exposure.

If you think you have been dealing with mold toxicity or have mysterious symptoms and you’re ready to heal and get back to feeling like yourself again, then please know you don’t have to do this alone.

In my practice I use functional labs and assessment to get to the bottom of what is truly bothering you, so you can heal and return to a sense of joy in your life.

If this is calling you, then book a complimentary Strategy Session with me today!

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