Sometimes I feel like a broken record, but the tune that I’m singing is a helpful reminder!


I’m here to remind you that it’s… “Time to Cleanse”.

My journey to achieving optimal gut and hormone health wasn’t easy. That’s why I’m inspired to share with you the tools and methodology that brought me back to balance.

I want YOU to get your solution more easily than I did!

One of the greatest tools I developed over the past two decades is the ability to productively cleanse. I learned how to cleanse my own body, and now I want to share that information so that you can live your fullest life and enjoy the seasons and years to come.

Seasonal Cleansing Rituals have empowered me to take my health in my own hands. I call it a RITUAL because intention setting is the most important part of this cyclical healing practice.


It’s not about what I do, but how I do it.

I drop into this ritual every Spring and Fall when I have the time and space. I devote between one week to one month’s time to reset my mind, body, and spirit.

These rituals create a gentle unfolding and a rite of passage between the seasons. They are my time to let go, cleanse, and release what is not serving me. Otherwise, I have found that life will create a mountain of dysfunctions within my body. It is my moment to reassess, reflect, and create actionable goals.

Right now, in the heart of the Spring Season, it’s a perfect time to reset the body before the movement that comes with Summer. I have noticed my overall immunity, gut health, and hormones maintain balance and harmony when I stay within this seasonal rhythm.

The truth is, no matter how organic your life is, you are being bombarded by toxins on a daily basis. It’s almost hard to be optimistic when you read the statistics.

Industrial pollution, heavy metals, chemicals in body care products, pesticides, herbicides, artificial fragrances, etc., have been rapidly increasing- and our bodies need to quickly adapt and get wise in this current situation.

This is where doing seasonal detox can be so helpful! We have a “toxin bucket” that can accumulate a certain amount of toxins before spilling over into symptoms. By cleansing every Spring and Fall, you adopt a rhythm of emptying this bucket and starting anew.

Personally, I will be doing a parasite cleanse this month, and I highly recommend you do one also. I know this is not a sexy subject, but parasites are a real thing. Yes, you probably have them or have had them in the past. Some people are extremely affected by them while others seem to coexist just fine with these buggers.


Why am I so sure about this?

Over the last 2 decades, I have utilized seasonal detox to heal my body of many parasites. I have had giardia (3 different times), Ascaris (a worm), amoebas, and blastocysts hominis. And, over the last 15 years, I have been supporting others in detox and parasite cleanses.

Back in the day, I used to host and guide a 7 day “Chakra Cleanse” on the land I lived on. This was a deep-dive, heroic cleanse where I supported people in a cleanse that focused on colon health, addressing parasites, and a liver flush. We used colon hydrotherapy, herbal protocols, infrared sauna therapy, massage, hot springs, intention setting, and ceremony to cleanse and clear the body.

When people came to stay with me for these 7 days, I was able to witness the extreme layers of pathogens, toxins, and parasites being released from their body.

I would put people on a 100% pureed diet during the cleanse, so whatever we witnessed being released in the colon hydrotherapy session was “something else”. For the record, most parasites you CAN’T see. But, we sure did see A LOT!! Not only from the parasite/colon cleanse, but also from the liver flush.

Now, let’s flash forward to my present practice as a Functional Health Practitioner and my training as an FDN-P… we have stool analysis to inform our cleanses!!

The GI Maps by Diagnostic Solution is a comprehensive stool analysis that help guide the clearest path to gut health and harmony in your inner ecosystem. I use it with almost all of my clients.

But if you can’t afford testing, then it’s wise to tune into your body and listen to what it’s says.

Here are symptoms that can correlate with parasite infections:

  • Digestive issues- constipation, diarrhea, burping, gas, heartburn, bloating after meals

  • Stomach pain and tenderness

  • Relentless sugar cravings

  • Yeast infections that won’t resolve

  • Anal Itching at night

  • Teeth Grinding

  • Anxiety/Depression

  • Headaches

  • Symptoms get worse around the full moon

  • Insomnia

Sound familiar? I had all of these symptoms back when I was dealing with parasites.

I know this information can be daunting, but I have good news for you!

I have added a parasite bundle to the Balance Within Spring Cleanse. I’m charging you for ONLY the cost of the supplements and offering you video instructions on how to get success from your efforts.

By signing up for the parasite bundle, you will also be added into the Balance Within Spring Cleanse, so you have support and accountability during your protocol.

This is my yearly chance to offer a deep amount of support for the cheapest possible price. If you have been wanting to work with me within my 1:1 personalized health rebuilding packages, but money is tight… Then my Balance Within Cleanse (only $33) could be the perfect fit for you!


OPTIONAL add-ons this year are:

  • Parasite Bundle which includes herbs and a video tutorial on how to have success with your cleansing efforts.

  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis which is one of my favorite functional lab tests that will provide insight about your essential mineral balance and possible toxic heavy metals. This add-on includes a discounted 90-minute Results Review Session with me to go over the results and use them to personalize your Spring Cleanse.

If you HAVE DONE the Balance Within in that past & want the benefit of the group momentum, accountability, community, email support, AND getting my updated detox tips via the private Facebook Group… then bring one friend or more along with you and join us for FREE. Just email me, let me know who you invited, and you’re in!

P.S. I have some exciting new guest teachers and topics to share with you inside the private FB group! Stay tuned 🙂

And, when it comes down to it, if you are just ready to get your hands on the comprehensive lab testing so that you can stop guessing and throwing random supplements at your symptoms, then book a complimentary Strategy Session with me today.

It’s time!

Coming from someone who wasn’t fully living for so many years of my life due to dysfunctions in my gut and hormones, I’m a firm believer that health is the greatest wealth and the foundation from which the joys of life flourish.

I’m here when you’re ready to receive support!

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