What Preventative Health means to me?

Preventative Care means to me…


My understanding of preventative care is unique to me. It’s a concept that wasn’t ingrained in us from the start, requiring us to redefine it for ourselves.


A significant catalyst for reshaping my approach to life was witnessing my Grandma Hart’s health struggles. She, a close elder, appeared visibly uncomfortable in her body. Despite a lack of clear diagnosis, she found herself on a myriad of medications, each one seemingly offsetting the side effects of the others.


As we age, making substantial changes becomes challenging, and seeking comfort often takes precedence over creating lasting relief. While she lived life to the fullest, it was her resilient mind that stayed sharp even as her body declined.


In my view, preventative care involves listening to our bodies, recognizing imbalances, and dedicating time to realign ourselves.


Let’s be honest; societal norms encourage the opposite. We’re taught to numb pain, push forward, and hope issues resolve on their own. Visiting the doctor only happens when the situation becomes unbearable.


But what if we tuned in sooner?


What if, at the first sign of imbalance, we prioritized ourselves over work, relationships, and even family?


I understand—it’s not what society teaches us. Those who put their personal needs aside are often deemed strong, but is this sustainable?


As a Functional Health Practitioner, clients usually approach me when they’re deep into their health challenges, sometimes enduring symptoms for 2 to 10 years, barely surviving.


While I can guide them through the journey of reversing dysfunctions, what if they sought help at the first signs of issues like hair loss, constipation, painful periods, mood swings, fatigue, insomnia, or weight gain?


Preventative health, in my definition, rejects the notion that pain is normal. We should thrive in a state of ease and joy. If we don’t, we must ask why and seek answers through curiosity, attentive listening, and, occasionally, the guidance of a skilled practitioner.

With support, knowledge, and heightened body awareness, a path to peace emerges.

If you’re ready to shift the paradigm of the current healthcare structure and begin prioritizing your body’s well-being before mild symptoms escalate, explore these foundational principles of preventative health:


  • Early Awareness: Be attuned to your body’s subtle signals. Don’t wait for discomfort to escalate; pay attention to early signs such as fatigue, stress, irregular cycles, post-meal discomfort, or mood changes.


  • Regular Health Check-ups: Schedule routine health check-ups and laboratory tests, even when you feel well. Your healthcare practitioner should advocate for preventative assessments to catch potential issues early.


  • Mindful Nutrition: Nourish your body with whole, nutrient-rich foods and observe how your body responds. You should feel invigorated after a satisfying meal. If not, question and understand why.


  • Stress Management: Integrate stress-reducing practices into your daily routine, such as meditation, yoga, or calming hobbies. Monitor stress levels and recognize when you’ve hit your limit.


  • Active Lifestyle: Keep your body in motion! Regular exercise promotes overall health and prevents various issues. If you’re starting, begin with small efforts and gradually increase duration and intensity. A 30-minute morning walk can be surprisingly impactful.


  • Quality Sleep: Prioritize restful sleep for healing, regeneration, and a robust immune system. Establish a bedtime routine and limit screen time, aiming for a 10 PM bedtime for many potential health benefits.


  • Continuous Education: Stay informed about your health, especially when making significant decisions. Knowledge empowers you to make proactive choices. Many individuals face undue pressure without understanding the potential side effects of treatments and medications.


  • Consult Trusted Professionals: Seek advice from healthcare practitioners you can trust. If possible, connect with individuals who have navigated a similar journey for compassionate support and guidance.


At times, I felt the winding road through my health challenges was endless, but my determination prevailed. Now, in my golden years, having healed the root causes of extreme gut and hormonal imbalances, I can confidently say—it’s worth it. You are worth it! Read my full story here.


We have a lifetime of blissful experiences ahead. Let’s invest in our well-being now, so we can fully embrace and celebrate the beauty of this journey called life.


If you’re ready to get your hands on the right functional lab tests, resources, and guidance to resolve annoying symptoms and regain comfort within your body, I’d be honored to assist you!



Coming from someone who wasn’t fully living for so many years of my life due to dysfunctions in my gut and hormones, I’m a firm believer that health is the greatest wealth and the foundation from which the joys of life flourish.

I’m here when you’re ready to receive support!

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