My Journey Discovering Heavy Metal Toxicity

Have you ever found yourself dealing with an irritating mystery rash? Chances are, most of us have faced this at some point in our lives. The skin, being our largest organ, often bears the brunt of our body’s detoxification process. The causes of these mystery rashes can vary greatly from person to person, and I’d like to share my own personal story with the hope that it can shed some light on your own health solutions journey.


Nearly seven years ago, I had a bizarre experience when my bottom lip suddenly swelled up with a nasty, bubbly rash. It was a perplexing situation, and my first instinct was to consult “Dr. Google.” The search results suggested that it might be cold sores, so I followed all the recommended treatments for cold sores, but unfortunately, I found no relief. After enduring this rash for about six long months, I realized it was time to seek professional medical advice.


I visited a doctor, who took a look at my lip and confidently confirmed my self-diagnosis: cold sores. He prescribed medication, and I reluctantly accepted it. I’m not usually a fan of pharmaceuticals, but at that point, I just wanted to eat, drink, and kiss without pain. I had also recently started dating my current partner, and not being able to kiss him was a real downer. Thankfully, he was incredibly patient throughout this ordeal.


However, to my dismay, the prescription didn’t work. I returned to the dermatologist, and this time, the verdict was different. “Oh, it’s not cold sores, it’s dermatitis,” he declared. In this case, I decided to politely decline the offered prescription.


I felt like I had exhausted all physical and mental avenues to heal this rash, so I turned to my spiritual self and began to meditate and pray. It was during this quiet contemplation that something intriguing occurred. With the intention of healing my rash, I heard a voice within me whisper, “HEAVY METAL!” It dawned on me that I had focused on healing my gut, liver, and hormones but had never considered the possibility of heavy metal toxicity.


I promptly sought out a practitioner and embarked on an extensive journey to get a urine heavy metal test. The results revealed toxic heavy metals in my system, leading to a rigorous six-month heavy metal chelation process. I knew I was on the right path when, on the very first day of chelation, my lip rash began to disappear. I persevered for six months, as it’s vital to proceed with caution when detoxing from heavy metals.


The heavy metal chelation cleanse marked a significant milestone in my healing process. It resolved many of my health challenges and made me realize that heavy metals were a significant hindrance to my overall well-being. They had been fueling embedded infections, suppressing my immune system, and contributing to that pesky rash on my lower lip.


Looking back, it made sense that this profound detoxification journey followed my efforts to improve my liver, digestion, hormones, and detox pathways.

I consider heavy metal chelation to be one of the most heroic detox processes I’ve ever experienced. It was undoubtedly worth it, but felt like it could have been a dangerous process if I didn’t listen to my intuition instead of the guidance of my prescribing practitioner.


Throughout my studies and research, I’ve come to understand that a gentler approach to removing heavy metals may be more suitable for most of my clients.

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This is a critical topic in today’s increasingly toxic environment, and I believe the information I’m about to share will empower you with the tools to thrive.

At this point in the story, you might be wondering, “What exactly are heavy metals?”


These minerals have no known physiological or biological function in the human body, and they are recognized to be harmful. While they occur naturally, our exposure to them has significantly increased since the industrial revolution, and the situation is only worsening.


Toxic heavy metals have diverse sources, and they can be found in the tissues of every person, including newborns who often absorb them from their mothers in utero. The exposure is nearly unavoidable.


One of the most effective ways to reduce the buildup of toxic heavy metals in your body is by achieving proper mineral balance. When essential minerals are deficient, the body may replace them with highly toxic heavy metals, especially if they are in the same column on the periodic table. This replacement can lead to mineral deficiencies, which further exacerbate the buildup of toxic metals.


Mineral balance is, therefore, crucial.


The foundation of my strategy for heavy metal detoxification includes:

  • Addressing each individual’s mineral imbalances
  • Taking proactive steps to limit exposure
  • Ensuring that the body’s detox pathways remain open and functional on a daily basis

Throughout my career as an FDN-P, I’ve come to believe that heavy metals are exceedingly difficult to avoid, and the situation is only getting worse. I also caution against fast and aggressive chelation protocols, as they can be dangerous. Always listen to your body and work with a practitioner you trust.


If you’ve been making healthy choices but seeing little or no improvements in your health, it’s possible that mineral imbalances or toxic heavy metals could be the underlying issue.


Conditions like hormone imbalances, infertility, leaky gut, brain fog, anxiety and a weak immune system could benefit from addressing heavy metal toxicity.


If you’re eager to get your hands on the right lab tests, resources, and guidance to assess your individual path forward, I would be honored to support you on your health journey.


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